Affordable Homes in Apartments licensed real estate brokerage firm, rental agents and property managers seeks investors for lucrative LLC forming now.

Build your own portfolio of investment properties here in the west New York region and Affordable Homes and Apartments can help you do it.
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You receive Quarterly returns. Minimum $100,000 investment for 5 years . Business Plan and Prospectus available upon request.

For example, a 2 family house can be purchased for an estimated $45,000. College District Rentals are estimated at $1,200 monthly per 3 bedroom apartment. That would mean $28,800 annual gross rent, $186,000 gross income from rents for this house for 5 years plus your original $100,000 back.  BANK/REO listing is available.

This house is walking distance to University Buffalo Campus, and is a 2 family house with 3 bedrooms in each apartment, Potential gross rental income from each unit $1,200. Each student pay for the room at $400 per student. Students move in as a family and pay the light and gas.

Reply online at by email at [email protected] and by phone at 716 602 7213.  You have tried the rest now try the best! Affordable Homes and Apartments 716 602 7213
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